Funshine Yoga run classes in East Grinstead & Forest Row.

Baby Yoga Wrigglers (6 weeks to crawling), Baby Yoga Explorers (Crawling to 2 years),  Yoga Tots (2-4 years), Story Yoga for Preschoolers (3-6 years) classes where mums and children come to enjoy exercise together.  You do yoga-inspired movement, and massage to help strengthen and stimulate your child’s healthy development. We also offer a lovely class for Mums where you can bring your children with you and they can play while you stretch and nourish yourself. Yoga Mamas Stay and Play sessions (0-5 years).

Baby Yoga Wrigglers:

In Baby Yoga Wrigglers mothers learn how to tune into their baby, follow their signs, respect what they’re trying to communicate and honour the babies’ development individually. Baby Yoga helps you to give the baby the touch and movement they need to develop their brains and bodies in a healthy way. This helps them to feel safe, and free to explore their world. The songs, movements, and massage help the limbic, nervous, and digestive systems which heal pain and calm the babies. The sessions help to create security and well being by stimulating and calming the baby in loving and affectionate ways.

It’s a beautiful nourishing space for helping Mums to normalise the body after birth, and strengthen the inner core. Baby Yoga has the added bonus of making the Mum feel more confident, safe and aware as she learns to play, hold, support, and engage with the baby. It makes Mums feel happier, stronger and more relaxed as their babies grow and they are able to meet their changing needs. Baby Yoga supports Mums in learning to be more curious, accepting, and attuned to their babies which establishes a sweet foundation of loving kindness at the start of life.

Baby Yoga Explorers:

The Baby Yoga Explorers class is the next stage up. If your babies are sitting up and wanting to explore their world, then this class is for you.  The Explorers Class is more playful than baby Yoga Wrigglers. We use lots of equipment to encourage our babies to explore various types of movement within the body so they increase their balance, coordination, and strength.  The moves, songs and rhymes are designed to be more physical and offer the babies a chance to stretch, be active and move around during class. There is a seasonal themed sensory play session for them to experience at the end of each term.  We reinforce the playful togetherness between parents and babies, to deepen your love and connection. We also add in some postnatal yoga for the Mums to help develop your inner core, keep you tall and give you strength as your babies grow bigger.

Toddler Yoga:

Once your little ones reach the age of two then they can move onto the delights of Toddler Yoga.  Each week we follow a different magical adventure with songs, stories, movement, games, arts, crafts, dance, yoga and relaxation. The focus of these classes is on your own child. As you participate it encourages them to learn and grow.  This helps your child to relax and have fun while they develop not only strength, co-ordination, flexibility and balance, but also body awareness, better focus, concentration and self -confidence. We spark their imaginations and creativity along the way.

Toddler yoga is a great way to have fun with your child in a relaxed, creative environment helping you both feel nurtured, calm and full of healthy vitality.

You’ll be made to feel welcome and wanted in these classes. The classes give mothers great one to one time with her child, while also giving the Mums something to do for themselves.  There’s time to get support, to hear how other mums are, and a chance to chat over tea. You get to relax, play, connect with your child, and expand your social network.   The classes are all about creativity and care, but most of all having FUN!

Story Yoga for Preschoolers:

As your child leaves the toddler stage it’s time for Story Yoga. This class is aimed at children aged 3-6 years who go to nursery or preschool. When they’ve grow out of having a nap, you can adventure together into bringing creativity alive. It’s a lovely afternoon class where carer and child jump on the mat together. Each week we follow an enchanting story with movement and yoga. By engaging your child’s love of fun we explore a different story each week. They experience the numerous physical and mental benefits of yoga while delighting in their imagination. We use songs, sensory play, arts and crafts to enhance their experience.

There are multiple benefits to this class: children will stretch and strengthen their bodies, stimulate their mind, build imagination, make new friends, grow in confidence, connect with their carer in a safe environment, improve self esteem, relax and have fun together.

Yoga Mamas Stay and Play Sessions:

Have you ever wanted to do yoga but don’t want to be separated from your child?

This class offers the opportunity to devote an hour to you, while your 0-5 year old enjoys quality time with Jo in the same room. Mums get to do a yoga routine focusing on strengthening your inner core and healing after childbirth. The session is lead by Amber. She’s a devoted yoga teacher who will support you to build up the resources for the demands of motherhood.

Children get to engage and explore with Jo’s support in a play area right near you. Jo is an Ofsted qualified nanny, DBS checked and trained in First Aid. It’ll be the Mums responsibility to settle crying children, do the nappy change and breast feed. Wet nursing isn’t in Jo’s remit!

Amber will guide you to stretch, relax, and nourish yourself while you have the support of Jo looking after your children. The session is relaxed, safe and welcoming – you can even have your child on a mat next to you if that feels more comfortable.

About Jo:

Jo is a kind, enthusiastic, patient and non-judgmental teacher. She takes time to prepare classes to meet the needs of all of the babies and children. She’s very down to Earth and makes everyone feel welcome. Her friendly and nurturing ways make everyone feel relaxed and at home. She creates a happy, easy going atmosphere where people can laugh and have a good time.