Funshine Yoga


Jo is the perfect person to entrust any baby’s development. Wonderful classes
starting from baby massage to advanced baby yoga. A Calm and relaxing
atmosphere, with lots of fun and creative play. Highly recommended!

Celina & Szymon


“I have been doing Baby Yoga course for several months now and love it.
After a few sessions you start seeing the benefits. It’s brilliant for bonding with
your baby. I love the fact that my daughter and I have learnt how to unwind and
relax together. She often falls asleep during the relaxation part at the end.
There are such lovely gentle routines, baby massage, songs and fab baby music
throughout the sessions. Jo is a very good teacher; patient, non judgemental and
very down to earth. I would really recommend it!”

Ornela & Maya


I wanted to thank you so much for your kindness and
flexibility to facilitate 1-1 yoga for Lucas and I last week. He really
enjoyed it and was giggling away when we were doing some earlier today. I
also found it really relaxing and almost emotional last week to have that
time to connect with Lucas.

Lisa & Lucas


Life can be quite hectic and Funshine Yoga is a great opportunity to enjoy
some time to bond with your baby – I Love it!

Kathie & Bertie


Josh and I enjoy this class so much. He enjoys the music and movements and is
learning to have quiet time which is so important. I couldn’t recommend this
class enough.

Jo is fantastic

Danielle & Josh


My little girl and I have been to Funshine Yoga since she was about 5 months old.
Jo’s classes are lovely, friendly and nurturing as well as a fabulous way to make friends.
They are fun, a great way to bond with your little one, set to lovely songs, exercises
and music.

The classes are totally baby led which means there is no pressure if your little one
decides they don’t want to participate in something as my little girl now at 21 months
occasionally doesn’t and no one minds!

It has helped me and my little girl to learn how to relax, to take time out and wind
down from the busy and hectic world we live in which I believe is really important
particularly for little ones. She now even organises relaxing time at home by arranging
cushions and blankets on the floor and lies down with a book. She also makes Daddy
do  this with her in the evenings / weekend when he is home which I think is amazing.

My little girl loves the games and songs so much so she often pre-empts Jo and gets
ready in position and tells me what to do.

We started with Baby Yoga and are now nearing the end of Advanced Baby Yoga and
can’t wait to move on to Toddler Yoga and beyond.

Michelle & Ada