Classes available for babies:

Baby Massage Course

Baby massage is an incredible way of expressing love, care and respect through loving touch.
It creates an unbreakable bond between baby and caregiver, which can last a lifetime.
Baby massage can increase a parent’s awareness of their baby’s needs and is a great way to bring you and your little one closer.
We work on different parts of the body over the duration of the course and learn how to deal with issues such as colic, reflux, trapped wind, sleeplessness and teething.
Your calming touch will make your baby feel loved and cared for and on top of all that, it is a wonderful way to relax and unwind whilst meeting new people and friends.

A professional masseur massaging infant hand

Baby Massage Course

Suitable for babies from 4 weeks old to crawling.

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Yoga for babies the Wrigglers Class

Suitable for babies from 6 weeks old to crawling.

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Yoga for babies Classes

From birth, babies respond positively to the stimulation of movement and touch together. In each baby yoga session, we use yoga moves which have been adapted especially for babies (mini twists, mini stretches, upper and lower body movements, diagonal movements) all wrapped up with playful moves and rhymes.

Baby yoga builds on your baby’s physical and mental developmental milestones and aid’s your baby’s brain development and your baby’s sense of co-ordination, balance and sensory and motor skills. Baby yoga also helps to attune to your baby’s needs and to calm or stimulate them as appropriate with a sense of security and wellbeing.

These classes offer you a beautiful chance to bond with your baby and spend quality time doing something that is both for you and for your baby. It is a lovely way to make new mum friends too as everyone relaxes together in this beautiful space.

hygge and people concept - father with torch light telling scary stories to his daughter and wife, family having fun in kids tent at night at home

Story Massage Classes

Suitable for children from 1-3 years

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Young woman doing exercise with her son indoors. Home fitness

Yoga for babies the Explorers Class

Suitable for babies crawling to age 2 years

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Yoga for babies Classes

The Explorers class is the next stage up. If your babies are sitting up, crawling and wanting to explore their world, then this class is for you.

The Advanced Class is more playful than the younger class and is designed for babies who are sitting up unaided to the age of two years. We use lots of equipment to encourage our babies to explore various types of movement within the body so they increase their balance, coordination, and strength.

The moves, songs and rhymes are designed to be more physical and offer the babies a chance to stretch, be active and move around during class.

There is a seasonal themed sensory play session for them to experience at the end of each term. We reinforce the playful togetherness between parents and babies and as always this class is just as active for the parents as it is for the babies! We also add in some postnatal yoga for the mums to help develop your inner core, keep you tall and give you strength as your babies grow bigger.

Close-up shot of three month baby girl's foot manipulated by osteopathic manual therapist or physician

Baby Reflexology Course

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