Classes available for children:

Children’s after school yoga club age 4-7 years

This is a great chance to support your Childs development by exploring yoga poses, mindfulness and relaxation in a fun way through active yoga storytelling, yoga gym, yoga dancing, yoga games, arts and crafts. Whether your child has grown up through baby, tot’s and pre-schoolers yoga or is just becoming a new yoga adventurer, these classes are a perfect way for children to have fun, socialise and benefit from exercise! When entering into an after-school yoga class, children are ready to experience a full yoga adventure and at this age they will have the confidence and ability to go it alone!

With Jo’s support, your child will learn how to breath deeper and relax in a safe, fun and non-competitive space of friendship and connection.

Little children practicing yoga indoors

Children’s after school yoga club age 4-7 years

Term time only

Suitable for children in reception, years 1 & 2

"Coming soon"

Little children practicing yoga in gym

Children’s after school yoga club Age 8 -11 years

Term time only 4-5pm

Suitable for years 4, 5 & 6


          Trial class running on the 4th of November at The Ark, Turners Hill.

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Children’s after school yoga club for age 8-11 years

In these classes we will delve into the world of yoga in a fun and supportive way through the use of storytelling, dance, music and games. Children will learn yoga sequences and breathing techniques to help enhance the strength and flexibility of both their bodies and minds.

Yoga is essentially about going within and connecting with oneself using the breath and yoga postures. It helps us to ground and develops awareness of body, breath, emotions/feelings and thoughts. It helps us calm down and find balance and health in our bodies. During a class this is combined with dance inspired movement and games providing the added opportunity for creative self-expression and connecting with others. This helps children to feel free and expansive with their body movements and emotional expression as well as feeling the joy, excitement and love of being part of the whole group.

These classes aim to provide children with the tools, time and space to draw their attention away from any pressures or stress they may have in their lives.  Hearing a story, a few deep breaths, doing yoga and movement to reconnect the body/mind and release tension, a space to connect, share and have fun and also moments of quiet introspection, are a wonderful way to reset the nervous system to feel revitalized, calm and focused.

Kim will provide a creative, warm and safe space for children to develop life skills in a kind, non-competitive environment. This non-judgemental space can nourish their inner strength and self-acceptance. Her aim is to help children develop compassion and self-respect, whilst helping them to stay in touch with the present moment, their peace, joy, imagination, innocence and pure magic and light!

Please check our Holiday Clubs and Workshops page for sessions offered for children for weekends and school holidays.